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European Nonsense – Day 1

(The following has been copied mostly verbatim from my notebook – most errors have been preserved in their original state, unless they really annoyed me. At some points I may go off on unfulfilled tangents, or appear to waffle. I make only the smallest of apologies.)

Firstly, speaking as someone who has never flown before – flying is fucking awesome. No other words for it. Sadly, I have to be brief, as it’s also a hell of a lot quicker than I expected. I’ll talk more about it later, about the potential hubris involved, but for the moment I’ll try to describe some of the things I can see, and what I’m experiencing.

First off, any apprehension I had regarding flying immediately dissipated as soon as the nose lifted, and I could see below me the most beautiful collection of fields. The realisation hit me suddenly – here I am, above beloved England! Such a flat country – from above it looks like a two dimensional map, with almost no variation in height.

Anyway, enough for now, but I’ll leave a few remarks.

  • Flying is cool
  • Windmills are HUGE
  • Holland smelt odd from the plane
  • Ships are BIG
  • Descent and landings are BUMPY and they make writing very difficult.

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