Self Inflicted Disease


Aren’t we forgetful in this country?
I mean, we do it without trying.
I say that without lying – we certainly don’t try.
I could have sworn that just a week ago
The NHS was so important
We wouldn’t let a good story like that go.

Yet is it in the news this week?
Nope, not a squeak.

I don’t understand this selective amnesia.
Are we seeing fear from the media?

What have we been hearing?
Big tings last week, wasn’t it?
And yet, now, nothing.
When things look bleak
For our beloved NHS
When the button has been pressed
There is nothing.
Not even a damp squib.

We – me and you, we’re apathetic.
How fucking pathetic.

Is this an admission of defeat?
60 people in Birmingham’s streets
Stood, braving the cold, for minutes at least
In a vigil for our dying NHS.
Holding candles, “eternal flames”
And many other groups did the same,
Because standing around is now activism.
This is Britain. Modern Britain
The Big Society, where everyone helps!
Where we give a shit, For as long as the weather holds,
Until we get bored of it, or until we get cold
And then Jack can go fuck himself.

At least these small crowds turned up.
Still, with so many people opposed to the bill
We must now confess:
We weren’t really trying hard enough.

I must confess.
I can’t throw blame around without taking my fair share.
I did almost nothing – read a bit, whinged a bit.
Like I expected someone else to care
More than me – like anybody else gave a shit.
Same old fucking story.
My apathy is your apathy.
Somebody else will always pick up the baton, right?
Self evidently, that’s a load of shite.

Same as ever here.
We complain, again and again,
In the weakest ways,
Ineffectual, and ultimately vain.
But it’s not really up to us.
We’ll make a bit of a fuss,
As if that’s a cure for our
Self-inflicted disease.


Nobody forced apathy upon us.
Social indoctrination is one thing
But do we try to break our programming?
No, because we don’t make enough of a fuss
Soundbites and platitudes are enough for us.
We’re so proud of our reserve
That when we get served shit sandwiches
We teach ourselves to enjoy the taste.

We have learned nothing.
We are a disgrace.

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