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More reports from Izmir


Some words from my contact in Izmir:

“Hi Phil,

how are you? Hope u are well. I could not write to you because every evening ı am going to Gundogdu Square in order to take part in protests. Atmosphere here should be seen everyone olders youngers teens even childs are at Gundogdu. Most of them are coming with their childrens even six month old babies are there.
Till saturday i am also there. I want to share my “gas” experience with u 🙂
on saturday police forces was using gas bombs in order to scatter the protestors. gas bomb usage was so heavy that many peoples eyes effected, as you know we are using lemons and milk in order to temper its affects. police forces seemed to be furious we knew that ıf they cathc us they will arrest. you should know that many people are saying that police beating the ones that are captured. thats why we sheltered at Hilton Hotel. hotels security guards very helpful. When police wanted to arrest persons from the hotel they immadiately intervene in. They suggested us to be calm down and said this is an international hotel no one can intervene in. after 45min or almost 1 hour we stayed there then safety guards helped us to left the hotel after making sure by prowling outside that the police forces are gone.
on the other hand our prime minister consistently underestimates us. He is calling us as a few “marauder”. his most frustrating speech is that: ” I am the representative of 50 percent of the public and ı am hardly keeping them in their homes”. as you can see he is threatens the people. he ignores the ones who are not voted for him and this is not an acceptable political view. I dont know if you heard or not but the government brought restrictions to alcahol between 22.00 pn and 06.00 am it is forbiden to sell alcahol. ironically sometimes protestors are shouting as in the honour of Tayyip while drinking their beers 🙂
when ı have time ı will write u. thanks again for your concern”
And more:
“Phil thank u for caring about me. I am ok and ı am taking care of myself. Of course there are provokers among protestors thay are triying to pull us to the places where police blocade but now everyone is very careful we are not considering them. by the way yes you are right people are arrested related to facebook& twitter, but the examples that are used as an evidence are notably funny. ones who wrote ” meet at Gundogdu at 19pm”, ” there is police forces in Basmane(a place near Gundogdu), please do not leave Gundogdu”. Can you believe that these are considered as evidence to arrest protestors. In Izmir there is also civilians with sticks. They are spreading around and using violance against the protestors. Our chief police officer said they are civil polices but our governor did not accept this explanation by saying that every policeman should wear an uniform or even a tunic. I should add that Gundogdu Square is safe now all of the attacks are taking part in Basmane and Fair which are also in Alsancak. till yesterday police forces was blocking the roads to Alsancak. So nobady was able to come or left alsancak by car or any public transportation. But yesterday all of the roads was open. I will send you photos and videos as soon as possible. But they are in turkish ı will translate them for you.”


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