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Some words from a friend in Turkey


Note – these words are not mine, but those of Osman Y, a friend from Ankara.

“things are going a little bit strange. you know we had a situation in the eastern part of turkey, until 6 months ago. terrorism was a problem that had been supported by some int actors – financially and militarily. finally six months ago its finished. everything is better; the economy reaches to top, people have better status etc. but some powerful guys which were more powerful in past, are not happy with this developments. they lost their contacts in army, in judgement, in the media of course. everytime, they try to catch an opportunity. then now they have one.

people on the streets doesnt know what they want. they say they wanna protect those trees but they burn other trees they burn cars smash shops .. they are under an incredible provacation which made by some anti islamic facebook and twitter pages and accounts. i actually dont know who but some people want to make people angry and enemy. thats all about ideological disinformation. we and our friends always say “calm down”. but you know turkish people have a bad temper. we become angry easily and forget easily. so it will have a small effect i think. everything is political or ideological. meanwhile, protesters actually want government to quit. but they also know there is no better party in parliement. we have the worst opposing nowadays. if you ask why these bunch of guys hate that government so much : the answer is easy : they dont wanna have an islamic party. if you ask what is their percentage over the population : i suppose max %20. if u ask what is the opinion of the rest: some of them hate protesters, some of them hate violence, some of them just dislike the loudy speaks:), some of them dont wanna involve, most of the population including me are uncomfortable with the protesting sht and find that not democratic but at the same time uncomfortable with the attitude of the police.. i hope after a few days they will realise there is no point to scream. everyone in the field thinks different -about the context of the walk-”


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